Cameraman/Producer/Director of Photography
“Richard Butler is a true professional with integrity. In my time owning and running WpN in it’s hay day, we had 700 photographers and Richard was one of the first we represented. Within a week he got our first cover of Newsweek in Sierra Leone.

In the midst of the civil war he persuaded the rebels to briefly stop the fighting on the bridge to allow women and children to get home. At this point we thought he must be special ops and not a photographer at all.

If Richard told you he is going to do something, he would do it to 100% of his ability , and that’s 100% more than most, you knew you were in good hands and never second guess him at any time. His fearlessness and ability to deal with danger while working in war zones has not only saved his own life but many others around him.

Kidnapped in Iraq for several months many of us knew that Richard would be okay because it was Richard Butler and even his captives would end up warming up to him. It gives me honor to recommend this man to anyone.”

Seamus Conlan. Founder & Former CEO World Picture News. COO & Co Founder at Objective Cinema